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Summer Reading Programs were always part of my life growing up and I’m encouraging my first grader to enjoy it to. He already loves to read and earn prizes for just about anything, so it’s a win-win.



Did you know that kids lose between 25-30% of their knowledge during the summer? Keeping up with reading, regardless of your kiddo’s ability, is one way to avoid that Summer Slide.


Here are a list of Summer Reading Programs worth looking into:


Fairfax County Public Libraries: Details are still being finalized for the Fairfax County Libraries Summer Reading Program. Check their webpage or visit your local library for all the details.

Barnes & Noble: By logging books, kids can earn a free book at Barnes & Noble. Check out their website for book ideas and more details.

Chuck E. Cheese: Kids can redeem tickets by turning in a reading log at their local Chuck E. Cheese.

Scholastic Summer Challenge: Scholastic’s Summer Reading Program tracks the number of minutes kids are reading and uses those amounts to then donate books to schools in need around the country. The more kids read, the more Scholastic will donate. This is a free online program. Check it out!

DOGO Books: DOGO books is a great way for kids to practice their reading and writing. Kids read books and then log on to DOGO to write their own reviews on the books they read. Think GoodReads for kids. There are prizes involved with the amount of reviews written. Visit their website for all of the details.

Sylvan Learning’s Book Adventure: Sylvan’s Book Adventure provides over 15,000 book quizzes, with a paid subscription. You don’t receive actual books, e-books, etc. This is a great way to practice reading comprehension. Please visit their website for prices and other detalis.

Virginia Commonwealth University Summer Reading Program: VCU offers a reading program that combines in person and online activities. This program does have a fee associated to it. Contact the program directly for details.

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